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is this supposed to b here

10:25 AM 12-29-2008
hey everyone i was just wondering if this is supposed to b haning here, and what is it? im talking about the lil white thing
10:45 AM 12-29-2008
i highly doubt it. what year is your bike? is that mounted at all, or is it just hanging?
11:41 AM 12-29-2008
looks like the anti freeze overfill tube but someone added a catch bottle?
12:02 PM 12-29-2008
I have no idea either, it's tucked behind the stator and is stock, been buggin' me since I got mine....anyone?
01:06 PM 12-29-2008
A little catch tank connected to the airbox?

02:29 PM 12-29-2008
It's the 'something I don't remember' overflow bottle. It catches oil if that helps anyone. It's supposed to be there, just tucked behind the fairings a little bit more.
02:53 PM 12-29-2008
you need to keep it clean ..but mine has a very small amount of black oil every now and then ...which the book says clean it out .. as for white i would get i tback to the dealers a.s.ap m8y..........
03:07 PM 12-29-2008
It is a catch tank connected to the air cleaner box to collect oil or water from the air cleaner...page 3-110 fuel system in the ZX-6R manual
04:27 PM 12-29-2008
Mine's clean!
05:06 PM 12-29-2008
The crankcase breather tube "breathes" into the top of the air box. The air coming out of this tube has oil mist in it. The oil eventually builds up and drains from the top of the airfilter housing into this tube/bottle. Its the small hole on the left of the airfilter from memory.
06:38 PM 12-29-2008
huh i was wondering what that was the other day as well mines clean and is tucked in behind the fairing a loy more
07:20 PM 12-29-2008
HOLY FUCKING SHIT. that thing is dangerous man. it shouldn't be exposed like that....it could cause your bike to asplode. seriously
07:47 PM 12-29-2008
ty everone for ur help
08:06 PM 12-29-2008
There should be another one from the battery breather tube, keeps the acid (and oil, fuel, and coolant) from doing all sorts of nasty things to your plastics...mmmm, all sorts of nasty things....
08:12 PM 12-29-2008
get your mind out of the gutter lol

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