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Need help with Zx6r timing

I have a 2009 Zx6r motor I just tore apart to changed the valves/valve springs and seals. So after I put the head back on I line up the marks on the cams with the head and when I tighten the camshaft caps the cams either turn in and make a lot of slack between the cams or it pulls the crankshaft out of TDC, is there a certain way to place the cams in the head so they don’t spin when you tighten the caps or is there a detailed guide to install the camshafts and chain?
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You have the service manual and are following it?

The cams will move some as you tighten them down and they can even pull the chain slightly to move the crank slightly (a few degrees) and yes you will get some slack between them too- it is fluid and once you get them loosely tightened down install the tensioner and slowly rotate to set the tensioner and then double check the cam timing
make sure to go slow as to not find out you were off and just smacked a valve into a piston

have the plugs out during the whole process and......... is the engine still out of the frame, much easier on the engine stand/bench then in the frame
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They will always want to spin as one of the cylinders will always be in the process of opening/closing, so those lobes will want to rotate the cam. I'd ensure you are only installing 1 cam at a time, and zip tie that one cam tight. When the second cam is on, loosely (not torqued down), but the timing marks are spot on, zip tie the cam chain tight to those cam teeth as well. With both of them zip tied tight, it won't skip on you.

And as long as you check, recheck, and triple check the timing afterwards, and everything looks're good.
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What I ended up doing was putting in both cams and lining everything up and after everything was lined up I grabbed the chain tensioner and opened it up all the way and shoved it in the tensioner hole and slowly bolted the outside tensioner bolts until it was snug then I put the cam caps on and slowly tighten the caps and when the chain got tight I backed off the tensioner a little bit and did that until the caps were seated. It was actually super easy with that method and took 5 mins
Here are the results . Idk if it’s off by anything but this is how the marks line up with the tensioner in all the way, idk how to tell if valves are hitting the piston but I am able to turn the engine over several times by hand, when I look in the intake hole it looks like the valve is on top of the piston I don’t know how close it’s supposed to be and if I would be able to turn it over if it was hitting slightly.
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