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How long do these bikes really last?

Bought mine with 9k miles and has 17k now. Feels brand new still. Do oil changes every 2k miles for peace of mind and will do valve chims at 25k when the time comes.i usually cruise at 6k rpms and don't go past 10k rpms. How well do this sport bikes last with very good maintenance?
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I'm sure you can get well over double that if you keep up with maintenance. If you're cruising around 6k and not going over 10k you are doing it wrong, might as well buy a v-twin
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I think rivers has like 95k+ on his J model.

Roads? Where we're going we don't need....

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^ 97,000 and some change and the only issue I have had was just a few weeks ago when the fuel pump died on me..... oil every 3000 roughly since about 3000 miles (before that there were several.... 25 miles, 300 miles, 1000 miles)
Valves adjusted every 7500 like clockwork until about the last 20,000 miles since they have not been needing adjusting much or at all since around 70k- so been slacking and doing them every 10-12k
The only time I was ever in the engine was with 25 miles on it to pull the base gasket and do cam timing, squish, polish the trans and debur everything and set up it how I wanted it set up

other 600's I have ridden well past 99% of the 600's on the planet ....... I had an 02 I rode past 150k
88 I rode past 256k

and then a few liter bikes I rode past the 100k mark as well as a 250 ninja with like 48k on it, and every last one of them is racing miles sans the first 20miles or so- the ride to the shop from the dealership basically....

I do buy new and ride them forever....... So I have zero concerns about their past lives or some moron ruiing them before I get them- if those were the cases- I would have torn them down to nothing day 1 and fixed everything some dimwit ruined and abused and started fresh.......... thus why new is the best option for me

OP......... if you are running modern synthetic oil and good quality filter (oem) you can easily go 3000 between changes if you are racing it or running it hard nor riding in super dirty areas with a crappy air filter

But the valve adjustment interval......... I wouldn't even dream of waiting til 25k, The first one is the most important and when they move the most- do it way early and then do another one at the actual scheduled time, after that your motorcycle will love you long time...... (fyi- you are already past the first scheduled service on the valves, TPS, sync etc !)
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