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I Ride: 2018 ZX636 KRT ABS
Why did you choose the ZX6R?

Just wondering, if not the ZX6R what other supersport would you be riding? Or non-supersport? What gives this bike the edge over others?

As for me, I simply thought it looked the best, is decently priced and equipped and had more than enough power for me knowing if I hit triple-digits the power won't struggle or basically quit right after.

Apologies if this is an old topic.

But just curious.
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I Ride: 2009 zx6r
Originally Posted by AJ215 View Post
Just wondering, if not the ZX6R what other supersport would you be riding? Or non-supersport? What gives this bike the edge over others?

As for me, I simply thought it looked the best, is decently priced and equipped and had more than enough power for me knowing if I hit triple-digits the power won't struggle or basically quit right after.

Apologies if this is an old topic.

But just curious.
I rode a 2012 R1 for 2 years and loved the bike to death, I just missed the feel of a 600cc shifting and banging through gears and to me the best street/track bike on the market was a zx6r and that is why I picked my current bike up and I will never go to any other 600cc manufacture except the zx6r. For 1000cc the R1 is phenomenal still haven't ridden a 2011 zx10r yet hope to one day.
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I Ride: 2014 Kawasaki ZX-6R, 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
Was looking to buy a new 600. Brand didn't matter to me. The zx6r had the best deal so I bought it.
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I Ride: 06 636
My friend had a 2008 zx6r. He told me to hop on the back so he can show me how cool it was. Sat on the back for a short ride and that was it....I decided I'm getting a sportbike too lol.

Started lookin around for any bike for a good price. Found a CBR for a good price and decided to buy it. I called the guy that morning and he said he had sold it to his uncle. So I kept searching and found a 2003 zx6r....friend came and checked it out and gave the go ahead to buy it...so I did. I dropped it the same day while learning how to ride
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I Ride: '09 ZX6R
This one fit my budget, had the features and the power I wanted.

This is my first Kawasaki.

"Basic stuff fellas. Use your head for something other than to break your next fall."
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Location: Newcastle, England.
Posts: 72

I Ride: '06 636
Underseat exhaust
Low mileage
1 owner, had it for 12 years from new
Meticulous service history (Plus I know the guy so know exactly where the bike has been (all over the world))
Good price

Basically I didn't necessarily specifically go looking for a ZX6R, it just came up at the right time for the right price.
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Creature of habit for me- Kawi is what I know. I went from an 07, to an 09, to my 15 I just purchased. When I was shopping here recently I considered any 600 I could get a good deal on because I’m a Jew and am always after a good deal, but my gut pointed me to Kawi. Every other 600 from the big 4 have drawbacks to me- R6 is a dog under 12k RPM, Honda is bland and doesn’t have a slipper clutch, and we all know the “clientele stigma” that comes along with the Suzuki.

The Zx6r has more power than all of them, a silky smooth gearbox, great power delivery, blah blah. Just a no-brainer, still.

2009 ZX6R- M4 slip on, d3 grips, ASV C5 levers, Dunlop Q3's, Roaring Toyz SS brake lines, Vortex -1/+2 sprocket setup with Speedohealer, Bazzaz z-fi tc w/ AFM, K&N race spec filter, vortex rearsets------SOLD------

2015 ZX6R- Matte Gray/Black, M4 street slayer, TST integrated tail light, TST fender elimination, Power 2CT's, that's all for now.
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I Ride: 2012 zx6r, 2007 gsxr 750
Well I crashed my 750 in the street and got paid very well from insurance so I bought the bike back and made it a track bike. Then I went hunting for a low mileage clean 600 and found my 2012 with 1100 miles for a great price. I, like others, had no real preference just wanted a clean low mile sport bike to tear the streets up on. I looked at R6s other GSXR 750s but in the end I'm happy I settled on a green machine!
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Went to test ride the Ducati 899 (at the time). Realized it cost about 5k more than the sexy white Ninja staring right at me. Swiiiiiitch! Left with the Kawasaki.
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I Ride: 2016 gsxr 750, 2007 zx6r
It was on craigslist for a price I could afford and I didn't mind the potential of crashing it at the track.

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I Ride: 2002 ZX-6R 2009 KLX 331 Supermoto
I've always been a Kawasaki guy. My first bike (1982 KDX80) was a bulletproof beast so I just kind of stuck with the brand.

I've had Honda's and Yamaha's but nothing about them ever did anything that my Kawi's didn't so I ended up back with Kawasaki. Had Honda continued development of the RC51, there would be one in my garage along side the green machines though.
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I Ride: 2001 zx6r and 2011 zx6r
Never rode a motorcycle. When I was in college I almost pulled the trigger on a bright pink ninja 250 (glad i didn't), my cousin was selling his 01 zx6r with 18k. I looked at R6's but they were too pricey, gsxrs didn't look that all great. My cousin is trust worthy and an engineer (at the time I figured that is worth something rather than anything else). I paid him $3200 in 2012 for the 01 zx6r with 18k. Bike ran great, still does after 50k on the odometer and I still own it which I why I've only bought kawasaki's: an 06 zzr600 that i sold with 55k on the odometer, a second 01 zx6r my cousin I sold to who sold it eventually with 37k. He bought an 05 zx6r, and I bought a 2011 zx6r. I also owned a zx10r. Every bike I've bought has been crashed that I just fixed up and ride or sell for some extra dough to keep the hobby cheap. These things are tanks!
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I Ride: 2015 30th Anniversary ZX-6R S.E.
For me, that's not as easy to answer as the question looks at face value.

I'm an old git and as an early teen I had racing heroes, like most fans. They were Lawson, Rainey, Chandler, and Ru$$ell. Each went on to race for the likes of Ducati/Cagiva, Honda & Yamaha, But even in the ages when dinosaurs roamed the tracks across America one knew which riders were riding for Kawasaki because they were painted 'nuclear margarita green. What audacity!

After my heroes migrated to other teams/brands, that coincided with me getting my licence. So, I bought Honda, Yamaha, and even Ducati litre superbikes. And all was bliss... until I got T-boned by a great big fat Ford Exhibition. That put me out of the saddle for over two years.

The greatest damage was to my psyche - oh there was plenty of damage to my musculoskeletal systems, too. It was the longest period of my life where I did not ride. I didn't even look at bike magazines - nothing.

And then I started lurking around the edges. A moto-voyeur... I stopped every now and then at dealers to look over the 'hardware.' And then one evening my wife & I had another couple over for dinner, and the other husband mentioned he had been out to a local dealer, checking out the 'goods.' He very innocently asked when I was gonna get back on two wheels. i sheepishly mumbled something unintelligible. When my wife piped up that she was actually surprised that I hadn't already showed up one day with a new bike.

The clouds cleared, angels sang, and glitter danced on the sunbeams. Oh hell, I was at the dealer within the week. I spent the preceding week scouring the internet. I had the money already in the bank! Boy, was I ever ready?

I had always rode/owned/raced litre sportbikes: several Hondas; a couple of Yamaha R1s; even a Ducati 996S. But this time I told myself I wanted something truly different... and no, HD, Goldwings, and BMWs didn't enter the picture.

So I examined Middle-weight sportbikes. The 600RR was quickly kicked to the kerb, as was the R6. I was not drawn to the Gixxer 600, but was tempted with the 750 variant. Also too, the Daytona 675, and at last the 6R 636. The more I read, the more more I narrowed it down to the Daytona and the ZX. The Triumph had only two strikes against it: tall seat height, and the nearest dealer was 60-miles from my door. The Kawi dealer was 10-12 miles away. The ZX only had one strike against it. It didn't have the exhaust note of the Daytona. Ten to fifteen years or more earlier, I'd have pulled the Triumph's trigger - without hesitation: That exhaust note, and more exotic.

What really ruined the recipe for the Daytona was my previous experience with Ducati. Months long wait for spares, odiously expensive shop times/costs. But damn it all to hell, I was in love with the 996S. Even doing my own valve adjustments/belt replacements was a pisser. My R1s only asked to have their valves checked every 26,000 miles; whilst the Duc demanded every 6,000 miles. And if one is stupid enough to ignore said adjustment intervals, the price was a belt letting go and the detonating of the whole top end, and not just any top end, but a desmodromic top end. Very Big Money !

As I said, I went to the dealer and saw the 30th Anniversary Spec. Ed. 'in the flesh,' as it were and fell in love. Went promptly home and tried to talk myself out of getting it. Took my son to the dealer a week later to show him; his favourite colour is green... 'nuff said.

So I had my friend drive be with helmet, gloves, and Dainese jacket in hand. I test rode 'my bike' to the bank to get the bank draught. Paid in Full! The 636 makes the last of four bikes that I've owned, where I paid 'cash' for them, the 996S, the last of two R1s, and my CBR1000RR.

And it was very different! To put it mildly. In truth, I was not entirely sure I had made the right choice... suddenly another R1 looked pretty damn good. But I am a stubborn codger and was not going to throw in the towel. I told myself to give it a year. At about the ninth month it all started to gel. To be brutally honest, my body & mind were not healed from the Expedition accident - I wasn't really fit to ride any bike. And I first had to be honest with myself that I couldn't ride any bike like my former self could. And that's the part that won the day. I had to interact with body positioning, steering inputs, inner foot weighing, much more controlled throttle/brake inputs. I had to ride with much more finesse. I couldn't count on a Hulk -like 998 cc torque-manic motor, and equally stout brakes and a tough minded approach to get me through the next complex of corners. I had to act (plan) more, and react a bit less.

Yes, I love my 'baby,' and no its only name is a gender neutral Zed. I'm a slightly slower, but a much more technically, proficient rider. And that's the very best thing my Zed has taught me.
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My wife bought it a few years ago to learn on, then decided she would rather ride offroad only. My shoulders couldn't hack the riding position on my 06 GSXR1000 any longer, the ZX6R was still in the garage and the riding position was OK for my shoulders. I sold the GSXR and took over the ZX6R, worked over the suspension to suit me and use it for street and track days. Despite being 20 years old it is still a very competent motorcycle that is faster than 99% of the riders out there and a very enjoyable street/track bike.

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1998 ZX6R
2005 KTM 450EXC
1982 GS1100E
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I Ride: 2018 ZX636 KRT ABS
I appreciate everyone's feedback. I'm just a student of the game for my totally unexpected hobby. Now I'm hooked.

I had a moment one day that I wanted to learn how to ride, took the MSF course and now I'm hooked. Why did I wait until 40+ I have no friggin idea but better late than never.

So now I'm riding.
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