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Anyone fancy a drink?

I was wondering how many n6z members out there can raise there hands up and honestly declare that...they have never ridden their bikes under the influence of some alcohol; we all know that if out riding then having 'only the one' is really 'one too many' and even if we aren't riding, well it can take more than a night's sleep to clear this liquid-menace out of our system and the next morning we can easily pretend that we're fit and fine to jump onto our machines when we're obviously not.

I hope this will make an interesting thread. And sorry chaps... no I will not be raising my hand.
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ive never ridden under the influence. have i driven after some drink? yes. am i proud of it? no. that was a long time ago. never got into any trouble, but i know i could have. never falling down drunk, but still a couple beers is enough to impair you.

its all a choice. i choose to be sober when riding...i need my reactions sharp. too many idiots out there.

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i'll raise a hand.

when i'm out on the bike alcohol isn't even an option to me, not even "just one beer". sure i get made fun of for drinking iced tea but i'd rather have my reactions about me.

And if I know I am going out to get tanked, bike definatly stays home.

the 2 just don't mix
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Originally Posted by edwardcarter View Post
i'll raise a hand.

when i'm out on the bike alcohol isn't even an option to me, not even "just one beer". sure i get made fun of for drinking iced tea but i'd rather have my reactions about me.

And if I know I am going out to get tanked, bike definatly stays home.

the 2 just don't mix
Ill raise my hand.
Not even in the cage either.
If im going to pour some rum...
I have better done all I needed to go get done.

And props to all of like mind.

street lights timed for 35 mph
are also timed for 70 mph.

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Both hands up, riding my bike is dangerous enough with some bad drivers (bmw's mostly) cruising about. I have never and will never drive after a beer. Good luck if you do.
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me too i never ride sober! always hammered to the gills a buddy of mine came back from canada and said the meet/destination spots are bars. and everyone has a couple and rides away. he seen it and was like wtf?
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I'm sad to say that I have had a few drinks one time I was ridden and that just happened to be the one time I went down. It was the worst decision I have ever made in my life, I'm lucky to be alive after that actually. I was quite squidly and had on no gear just a sweatshirt and jeans. Ended up in the ER for some plastic surgery and had a few tens of thousands in medical bills. They actually said if i hadn't been drinking I probably wouldn't have survived, it caused me to just tumble instead of fighting my fall. I'm not very proud to tell this story but it was a life changing experience that I hope nobody has to go through. Complete sobriety is the only was to ride.
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Nope, never had one drink on a bike and this is the 13th one I've owned. I get enough kick out of riding mostly like a well controlled idiot. I don't think a drink would make it any more fun. A friend told me once he had one drink on his R1 and could tell the difference.

My brother on the other hand ran my my old KLX 250 into the garage door at moms once when he came back from the Navy. There was a big V in the door. Took a few days to admit he was at a party. Actually was kinda funny.
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butiwasgoingtotashistatio ntopickupsumpowerconvrtrs
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werd. i never drink when on the bike. or in the car, actually. if i hitch a ride, i'm all for it!

-Kyle WERA #700
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i can honestly say i have never ridden after drinkin...if i drink its at home and at home only. got friends who drink and ride and/or smoke and ride, but not for me.

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Ride now, Fall later
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i have only done it once, and the only reason why i did because i knew that i was going to get hamered that night, so i asked if someone if they could follow me home so i can drop off my bike and then take me back to the bar. i ended up getting completely hammered that night but i had a safe ride home from a dd and no harm no foul. but i could def feel a difference riding home after only one drink as well, and i lived less then a quarter of a mile away as well which is sweet. that was my one and only time that i have ever rode or driven impaired in any way, if i ride and go to a bar to hang i will order water... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm H2O...
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Only time I have ever done something remotely similar is having a beer at work at lunch.... then riding home in the evening.. a good few hours after....

Other than that... its a NO NO..

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i have done it twice in a car but NEVER again...never would on a bike...dont wanna hurt my baby...i dont ever ride if ive had drinks the night before...i always have a day inbetween drinking and a lot of other people have said got too many idiots and other things to think about like road surface before taking into account being drunk!

'Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live'

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My hand is raised. I USED to ride extremely drunk back when I was 19 or so (it was an '85 Honda XL350). Looking back I now know that was extremely stupid and extremely lucky. In fact I was closing assistant manager at a fast food joint and I'd give one of the employees, a hot little Mexican chica, a ride home now every now and then. Now often I willl ride 3 miles (roughly) when I've had a few but well before the legal limit. Hell sometimes that is when I get my best wheelie practice!

Forgot to mention I used to apologize to that gal but she said I always drove fine. That actually pissed me off. I didn't want to hear that. In an odd sort of way I wanted to hear the opposite in hopes of scaring myself.

Had an '06 636
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*flame suit on*

Now days, having a CDL, a good five figure hospital stay & a few nights in the gray bar motel, I won't risk riding, or even driving drunk.

The other day, my ex neighbor invited me over to have dinner with his family & talk motorcycles. As soon as I got there he offered me a corona, I drank it knowing I would be there at least a few hours & eat a huge meal. We had pork shisk-a-bobs with rice & I hung out showing his boy everything about my KZ. I went home, a 1 mile ride tops & even then I thought I could feel a difference but it might have paranoia.

That's the farthest I've pushed it in quite awhile.

But when I was younger...

I'm not fully going into the completely retarded things I've done while being 110% soused but here's some perspective. I know it's not an excuse, just the rural area I grew up in drinking was common place & easily accepted. When my friends & I were all kids, we worked, hot roded anything we could get our hands on & drank. I remember going down to the V at maybe 16 & getting relatively smashed, playing darts with old men until they all went home & then finding someone to buy more booze (or provide us with any other sort of dope for that matter). Backroad boozin' & cruzin' was practically a sport for us, I can't remember how many times (if) the cop would finally catch us & just tell us to go home because he didn't want to do the paperwork. Keggers were almost a weekly occurrence before I could buy smokes.

Like the old phrase goes, 'there ain't much to do around here besides drink, fight & fuck.'

I've never been much of a fighter.

-Cessna three zero november

Originally Posted by givuhcky22 View Post
the freak is king.
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