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Critique my Barber track day

This was my 6th session of the day on 9-26-15. My best lap starts somewhere around the 5:50 mark. I think I did better on many of the turns throughout the day, but this was the best they all came together at the same time. Keep in mind this is my first sport bike and I got it on 7-10 of this year. This was my third track day and first at Barber. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do another before winter sets in. I damaged my camera mount loading the bike up, Barber requires cameras to be safety-wired. I forgot I did it and tore it off with the straps, so it's a little wobbly, I'll fix it.
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Lookin 'good man!

A couple of small things I'm seeing:

Now I haven't been on that track so I can't say for sure, but it looked to me like you were setting up and turning in a bit early in a couple corners. This actually makes you have to slow down so you can make the exit of the turn. By dropping in later you can flick the bike over, grab your line, and start bringing the bike up a little sooner and getting on the gas out of corners, keeping your exit line tighter instead of finding the outside of the track so early.

Also... It seemed like you were running a gear too tall in a few sections. When I'd look down I'd see the tach at about 10-11k and even lower in one spot. When you're that low in 3rd... you should be in 2nd.

Other than that... looked like a fun day!

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Originally Posted by RJ2112 View Post
These fine gentleman are expressing their frustration with your learning style.
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I had scared myself earlier in the day in the slow left hand that you saw I was in too high a gear. I was in 2nd, got too greedy with the throttle and had a slide. It got me scared of the power. I was able to keep progressing around the rest of the track without having to be focusing on the earlier mess up if I stayed in third on that one, I knew I could pin it in third there and be safe. I'll get back to where I was I just wanted to creep back up on it.

I'm not sure about taking too early of a line. I was pretty close on most of the track to the instructor's lines. I think my speed was more confidence related. I'm sure that I did blow several throughout the day though.
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Trying to view ?
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It is a trackday not a race day so if you are riding at max rpm and your max ability you probably are not concentrating on the learning aspect.

So being down on rpm is fine

going a bit off pace is fine

Looks like you "drift" into the turns instead of a crisp turn into the turns

Looks like you make numerous steering corrections throughout the turns (see 6:00-7:00 is where I stopped watching) rather than make an input be on line and hold that line

Finally when you know you are not the fastest and much faster people are behind being held up don't pin it WOT on the straights and try and keep them there, just move over and go down the straight to the next corner allowing them to pass.... it is all about the corers anyways--who cares who's bike is fastest from corner to is about who is fastest through the corners

Everyone takes something different away from track riding experience..... what did you take away?

woohoo we are having fun now
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It was my best track day so far. I was able to work on body position, and was able to improve it with less pain in my legs. I still only made it through 2 full sessions without having to bring it in early because I was tired. Some of the wobbling you were seeing was me fixing my foot position. I kept dragging my toe on the right side. I worked on that as best as I could and finally decided to get Vortex rearsets, they should be delivered this week.

I noticed that my pace has improved to the point that I can tell when my tires are cold or not, I can feel the difference in traction, on the rear at least.

Although it doesn't show in the video, I was doing my best to brake later in the corners and building my confidence in higher speed higher lean angle turns. Specifically turn 1, the down hill left after the straight.

I also took away that I have so much more fun at the track. almost to the point that N+1 is nagging at me. Track bike and something comfortable for the road
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