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ZX6R Questions

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Greetings my fellow kwaki riders. I have recently bought a '95 model ZX6R with 43000 km's (27000 miles) and after spending an arm and a leg on replacement parts there is one more problem which I can't quite figure out.

When accelerating in first gear, there is a sudden jolt at about 4000 rpm at which point it feels like there has been a sudden increase in power causing the bike to be pushed forward hard. This can be a little unsettling, especially if the bike is leaned over around a corner. It doesn't always happen but sometimes I can hear a clunking noise as well when it happens. Is it a gearbox problem? How do I diagnose and fix this?

On a side note, if I want to fit an aftermarket exhaust on the bike will I need to get the carbs tuned or anything?

Thanks in advance :)
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Chain and sprockets are good?
It isn't popping out of and back into gear by the sounds of it....

Carburetors actually clean?
Electrical hiccup?

on the Carburetor tuning.........need is relative---they need proper tuning from brand new in the states~ in kangarooland I would assume you would still reap benefits from cleaning and jetting properly
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Changed the chain and sprockets today. Bike now accelerates very smoothly, thanks!!!

Now to fix the front brakes...
Problem is back, it wasn't chain and sprockets

Must be running lean at low RPM's when I'm taking off then as soon as it hits 4k rpm feels like NOS just kicked in. What do I need to do with the carbs? Idle could be a bit smoother too...
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