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ZX6r J1 Streetfighter Build

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Hey all!!

Unfortunately 6 months ago someone pulled out in front of me and my poor baby!! Money hasn't been particularly available but my need for a weekend ride has got to the point where something has to be done!!

The damage wasn't particularly bad, by that i mean the bike still can be brought back to life! I've decided to go the streetfighter option... i've always wanted to and thought i'd give it a crack!

To start with ill be making fixes where i need to in order to just get back on the road with lots of future plans for the bike!

So, to start with, im gunna need a new front wheel, new speedo and new headlights. This should just about make my bike road legal so i can get a few rides in before the warm weather is over!! I've found a front wheel on eBay and i've read somewhere on this forum about being able to perform a later model speedo changeover (which im thinking would be a step in the right direction for me!). Ive chosen twin headlights for now mounted to the forks. Not sure if ill stick with that but they're cheap and functional!

When winter sets in i plan on overhauling the engine, possibly considering boring out to a bigger CC and powder coating it while its in pieces. Ill then be painting the frame at the same time. I've been doing a bit of research and saw that another member has done a tail conversion to an '09 model... which looks the absolute bee's!! So want to see if i can replicate his awesome results! After all that it's only the handlebar conversion to motorcross bars and other minor bits and pieces i plan on doing... until i get bored and think of yet more ways to pour my money into a beautiful pit!

Anyway, just thought i'd join up here, tell you what my plans are and keep posting as work gets done! This is my first project bike and so im excited as hell but absolutely clueless! Any help and/or opinions will be much appreciated!

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That forum member you mentioned might be me lol :devious

But in all seriousness welcome to the forum there's a couple of fighter threads that have come up recently. I am looking forward to seeing updates. Post up some pics, we'd all like to see some.
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