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ZX6R GRAVES “Full Titanium System INSTALLED” !!!

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Hey everyone, I originally had the Yoshimura slip-on exhaust for my 2019 ZX6R. I ended up selling my Yoshimura slip-on.

I bought the Graves works 2 titanium/carbon slip-on, and the Graves titanium header. To make this a full Graves titanium Works2 system.

I am going to probably get a dynontune directly on the ECU, or run the Graves map specifically for this exhaust and this year bike.

Headers were $1,105, and slip on is $729.

Total= $1,834 for a full titanium Graves system, that picks up 13+ WHP.

I’m excited to get everything installed. I have the slip-on so far, still waiting on the header before I install everything.

Anyone else running this system? Also, that’s a pic of my bike below. No exhaust on it right now. Just open header. Once the Graves headers arrive, I’ll get everything installed.

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Yeah man those fairings are gorgeous. Where did you get them from?
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