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ZX6R GRAVES “Full Titanium System INSTALLED” !!!

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Hey everyone, I originally had the Yoshimura slip-on exhaust for my 2019 ZX6R. I ended up selling my Yoshimura slip-on.

I bought the Graves works 2 titanium/carbon slip-on, and the Graves titanium header. To make this a full Graves titanium Works2 system.

I am going to probably get a dynontune directly on the ECU, or run the Graves map specifically for this exhaust and this year bike.

Headers were $1,105, and slip on is $729.

Total= $1,834 for a full titanium Graves system, that picks up 13+ WHP.

I’m excited to get everything installed. I have the slip-on so far, still waiting on the header before I install everything.

Anyone else running this system? Also, that’s a pic of my bike below. No exhaust on it right now. Just open header. Once the Graves headers arrive, I’ll get everything installed.

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Good choice in your setup! I have the same, and it absolutely rips. Did you get your flash/map from Graves? I did go with the “bike” side harness from FTECU so I was able to rewrite my ECU without removing, and mailing in my ECU. I also added a QS later on and was able to enable it through the USB connected to my ECU. It’s pretty handy. Enjoy the ride, looks awesome!
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I essentially sent my ECU off for the Graves map
to be loaded. It was cheaper and quicker than going with the FT-ECU. it’s purely for the street and having fun.
For sure, you’ll be set!
Yeah man those fairings are gorgeous. Where did you get them from?
Thank you! They’re actually the green color form Hotbodies bodywork underneath. My plan was just to use the base green, and add vinyl graphics, but I wasn’t thrilled with the finish of the green bodywork. I found a local business that does the “hydro dipping” process and he hooked me up with a killer deal. He was psyched to do a race bike, plus I told him he didn’t have to be perfect lol
Then I added some vinyl decals from Chris at Drippinwet. I’m really happy with how it turned out! They definitely slowed me down though since I’m now afraid to crash 😂
Oh man I can only imagine your excitement after only knowing stock bikes/tunes. I came from my 09 zx6r with a “Supersport” built engine, and full Akra exhaust that made 125 HP running U4 race gas, and I didn’t feel any drop off. I think I like my 2016 636 graves setup even more lol
These engines are made for the high rev range and top end. You basically removed all of the stock restrictions, and are now realizing the full potential of the inline 4 engine. And yeah I highly recommend getting that thing on the race track to fully realize the fun factor! It’s much safer too! 😁
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