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zx6r g2 holding back

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Hi there my zx6r g2 needed to go in for a new chain and sproket change so i asked the man to sync carbs why it in there 2 . I took the standed can of and put my new pipe works slip on can on day before so he could tune carbs to this . I Tested it first seam to run sweet ..

So bike machanic calls said bike ready to be picked up . I went along to grab it and he said the carbs did not need doin they already set up for the exhaust old owner could of had it done before sale and put standed can back on . But he did say he turnd the idel up a bit .

So bike running smooth no knocks from the chain smooth in gears but just aint got that killer pull it used to have in high revs it seams bit slow picking up speed and i need to knock it down a gear to 5th on motoway ridding as 6 dont pick up speed fast .

The machanic said the idel was only thing touched on bike so could this be problem . Unless he aint tightend up the carb rubbers proply .
By way he builds race bikes at his shop so always used him no problems before. Any help wot to look for please guys .. ??
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First of all

typing, spelling, coherent sentences is your friend..........

As far as your issue- what gearing did it have before, vs what gearing does it have now?

So he pulled the carbs to see what jetting was in there?- and then decided that was good enough for the slip on and just synchronized them.........that is the story you are telling...
If that is the case, and jetting will hardly differ slip on to stock exhaust muffler- then all should be good on that front as long as the work was done correctly.

I would lean towards a gearing change is the culprit
Hi there i orderd the chain and sprockets self they are standerd size . As far as im aware the ones on there were standerd . Evan if not it should still not hold back and not pull hard in high revs bike seams to ease off at 100mph and peak at 120 in 5th 6th gear no power and speed wont rev fast .

I was payin him 90 to sync carbs he said carbs are fine for exhaust so did not touch them at all part from upping the idel .
He said only other thing could do was dyno jet what not worth it on my bike ..

Im thinking he mite of just not tightend up carbs or ram air proply as it was working spot on daily before went in . Will also try old exhaust can
if he has only raised idle and said he hasn't balanced carbs or removed them then,them parts would of not been touched ,
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