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Zx6r fairings

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I have just bought a zx6r ninja 1999 model, with a scratched side fairing! Woundering if i can buy 2002 fairings with a new light? Does it fit on my bike? :)
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Hello and welcome!
the front fairing will not fit on your bike but the sides may have been the same from 99-02
The sides and tails are the same but as stated the front is not direct replacement even with the light. You would need new front fairing stay, new mount for gauge cluster or newer cluster, different intake ducting etc. I looked into updating the front of my 99 and decided it was not worth it. I had fresh paint put on my nose, bought new sides, put the 06 zzr fairing stay on to eliminate the bird cage (which is not bolt on, took a few hrs of modifications to fit right and hold my stock cluster) and HID's. Called it a day and I feel it looks fantastic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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