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Zx6r 03 04 Right Fork Leak?? Seals or Stanchion??

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Hey people's, I just had my fork seals and oil changed because both sides were leaking dues to cracked seals. Now it had been two weeks and the right hand fork is leaking. As in when I push down to compress the fork and then release, there is visible oil residue on the stanchion(far more oil than the left side)
Now when I take the bike for a spin and then come back, the oil residue had built up and leaks on to the bottom of the stanchion leg.

I spoke to the mechanic and he says the seals are good quality and he cleaned the stanchions when rebuilding. He also said there were minor "bubbles" on the stanchion which he smoothed out.

The seals were NOT genuine.

The left side is perfect.

Also, the top of the right fork is making a 'creaking' noise when I go over a bump and when I brake.. (very frustrating)

Can anyone give me advice or even anyone who has had the same problem help. I will appreciate it :)

Has anyone got a good working condition right fork leg for sale??
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FYI, you only need to post one thread per problem/issue...

I would have had my forks off and sitting back on that dumb ass mechanic's bench before I even had a chance to fire up my laptop and post on zx6r.com, I can tell you that much.

I suggest you do the same. It's pretty easy to damage a seal when assembling the forks. There's a reason the manual states to use a plastic bag and grease when fitting them over the lower tubes. And the noise coming from your forks? Yeah, not normal and that right fork definitely needs to be torn down again.
Also, fork seals is one item that is best replaced with OEM parts.
Thank you guys for the advice. I'm gonna get the mechanic to change the seals again and replace them with OEM seals. Not sure about the noise from the top of the fork tho, could it be lack of fork oil?
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