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X-act Motorsports at CMP 4/18 - 4/19

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Just going to post up what was posted on another forum. Anyone going?? I may be there. Still havent gotten the bike out onto the track yet and want to knock off the cobbwebbs.

X-ACT Motorsports track day at Carolina Motorsports Park 4/18 & 4/19

X-ACT Motorsports track days are open all riders from the first time track day rider to the veteran racer, our philosophy and goal are simple, having a SAFE, FUN experience on the track! There are no membership fees and we do our best to provide a hassle free environment.

We offer basic novice instruction for free, along with assisting those who seek to make improvements at any level. We have a seasoned staff of current and ex-racers at the disposal of all our riders.

Pricing is $280.00 for both days and $145.00 for one day.

We will be running the full road course.

Tire services will be available and provided by StickBoy Racing with a full line of Michelin and Bridgestone road race tires.

For more information please check out our website or shoot us a E-mail.

Check us out here - X-ACT Motorsports

email us to sign up - [email protected]
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Anyone interested in going to this?
Dang those are some good prices compared to up here. Up here is 190 for the day. I'm going add november dates into my calendar.
Yeah CMP is actually a really good track layout IMHO the problem the pavement eat the hell out of tires. Fast guys will only get a day on a rear. So it seems its always cheaper to go there.

Going to NCBIKE or VIR where the pavement is good will be between 200 and 245 usually.
Wow no one huh? Does drums still come on here? I think this is the org he rides with
Not enough ppl signed up. This got cancelled.
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