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Woolich compatibility between ZX6 and ZX10

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Hey all, got a buddy who has Woolich tools for ECU flashing and he said he would have no problem selling me one of his "keys" and tuning my ECU. The only thing he was not sure was is if the wire to connect to the ZX6R ECU is the same as the ZX10.

Can anybody verify? He's out of state so I want to buy whatever connecter wire is proper before he gets back.
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Give Woolich Racing a quick call, and get the info straight from the manufacturer:

Woolich Racing - ECU Flashing for Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha
(+1) 347 809 5509
They have their install guides here

Product User Manuals and Installation Instructions

You could compare the year/model of his to yours, to see if the harness is different. But I'd also call Woolich.
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