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Will it fit?

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Will a 03 zx7r engine fit on my 02 zx6r bike? I have two bad cylinders on my zx6r engine and and theres a local guy selling his zx7r motor so was wondering if it would fit or not. :O
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Probably not without some serious modification and fabrication.
OP....don't forget your zx6r is a 599cc engine...the zx7r is a 750cc....I highly doubt the mounting points will line up, and who knows if it will even fit in your frame :O

And then you need a completely different wiring harness...ECU...Carbs...etc...just stick with finding another engine for the same bike :)
Yea I figured it was a shot in the dark but it was worth asking. Thanks for the info guys. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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