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Yes, the motors are the same. These are 2019's. To clear things up we blew up a 3rd bike as well. It was a loaner, 600 miles on it. Our two bikes had 600 and 450. These are all 2019 ZX6R. The third bike my rider shutdown upon power loss and the motor still runs but has a tappet sound. The motor on this bike is (suppose) to be a race motor as it was rebuilt after it lost the oilier ring in the number 4 cylinder at 350 miles.
I'm here trying to collect information to determine the cause. At this point the only common denominator is my rider. He is a rookie with only 4 races in multiple classes under him. He races several classes and has never finished less than 3rd place. While racing in novice he often finishes mid pack with the experts. So he is fast and we are having a great time. I helped him get started, he has an '07 GSXR which we made minimal race modifications to and he competed in the last two races of last season, never finished less than 3rd. During the off season I made a commitment to him. Knowing (or thinking) the ZX6R is the dominate bike for this class we purchased two brand new. We setup a really cool race shop and transformed the bikes to race. Now each time we get one tuned (suspension, tires and geometry) they pop.
Now, with the rider being the common denominator I like to say he may not be finessing the bike the way it wants to be finessed. But with rev limiter and slipper clutch it makes it a bit more challenging to over rev both on the throttle and during engine braking. It seems the valves are getting sucked into the cylinder. And it seems to occur during downshifting. I'll attempt to attach a picture of the #4 intake port. #4 may deserve a little attention here as well. Not sure about the 3rd bike but, the first two are carbon copies, #4 intake valves bent and broken. I would like to think the possibility of the same cylinder with the exact same issue is astronomical.

Any thoughts?
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