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Will a plate bracket transfer heat from the pipe? Pics

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I just installed a TST plate bracket and a small part of the bracket is touching the pipe. Will the pipe make the bracket hot, which would then transfer heat to my license plate? I ran the bike for about 10 mins and was touching the bracket to see if it was getting hot, but it didnt seem to change at all. Would i be okay like this?

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There should't be that much heat transfer if you are riding down the road. Ive seen guys cut off the original license plate holder and bolt their plate right by the exhaust no problem.
Thats not going to hurt anything. Might be a wee bit warm to the touch....
Hell the sun will get your seat hotter.
as stated above, there's nothing to worry about there. Ride safe brotha
Thanks for the feedback, fellas. I was thinking it was gonna be a problem. I have my plate light and my tail light strip on my plate, so I was afraid of the plate getting hot and ruining that stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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