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Will 05 ZZR600 parts fit on my 2002?

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I'm missing a few miscellaneous parts off my 02 ZZR600 and found some good prices off of an 05. I know they're pretty much the same bike but was just curious and wanting some confirmation. I'm mainly wondering about the ram-air duct covers.

Thanks! :)
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the ram air duct covers should be the same. virtually the same bike minus the fairing stay and cage
Awesome! Thanks. If anyone says differently lmk.
An 02 ZZR600 is a D model ZX6

An 05-08 ZZR600 is a J model............I don't think anything or much will transfer across those models.
Mine looks identical to the 05?
Sorry, I don't have bi-focals or tri-focals to see your tiny avatar....

but you may not have an 02 ZZR600 then, you may have a 2002 ZX6R

Is there a frame rail visible between the middle fairing and the lower on your bike, or is the side one full piece side fairing...........D (93-04 ZZR will have a separate lower with that frame rail) 00-02 ZX6R and 05-08 ZZR600 will not
Not too good of a picture. The one in my picture is my old one. This is my new one

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^ That is a J model, definitely not a 2002 ZZR

So if it is 2002, then it is a 2002 ZX6R (J3).... so yes most everything from a 2005-2008 ZZR600 will fit
Kawasaki used to have a little "tradition" of keeping an older generation model ZX6/ZX6R in the lineup under the name ZZR600 as a more cost effective alternative that didn't sacrifice as much in the way of streetgoing livability for that racer's edge supersports are supposed to have. Up until 2005, the "ZZR600" was basically a rebadged ZX6-E which was the predecessor to the original 1995 ZX-6R "F" model. In 2005, they brought back the 2000-2002 "J" model to be the new ZZR600. The ZZR600 was eventually scrapped because they felt that what it was supposed to offer in the Kawasaki lineup, the new-then Ninja 650 did better (providing a lower-cost, real-world alternative to supersports).

The bike in your picture is definitely a "J" model, which means that if it really is a 2002, it is most certainly a ZX-6R and not a ZZR600 (although really calling them both by different names is kind of pointless).
Interesting.. Thanks for the info. Learn something new everyday..
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