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Who has ridden both ZZR600 & newer ZX6R's

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Wondering if some of you can comment on this.

I ride a 2002 ZX-6R and like it a LOT. I am more of a sport-touring rider, and this bike has the comfort I like and room for accessories.

But it's time to replace it as it has some issues that are beyond what's economical to fix. So ... what to replace it with?

I guess my first choice is a 2005-2008 ZZR-600. Same bike but newer.

In recent years the ZX-6R has become more compact and more raceworthy. Still an awesome bike but if I get it, how much will I regret the loss of my 2002?

Has any of you ridden both bikes? Any long-distance riders out there that take trips on their 2010-2015 ZX-6R's?

John in Kent, WA.
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I've had my 07 ZZR since new in 07, I've put around 70,000 miles on it, yeah 70K, Including many 500+ mile days.
I've made a lot of drastic changes to it, It does not ride, feel or look like a J model now.
Its nimbler, turns in quicker. So you can change it to look & feel more like an 05-08 ZX6R.

And I've also ridden an 03, an 05, & an 07. Aside from the clip ons My bike feels just as light & nimble as all of them.
But thats because of the changes I've made.

If I were to trade or sell my bike, an 07/08 6R would be the bike I'd look for.
I would not rule out an 09 or up though. I've just not been on them.

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I've put on over 40,000km in the 3 seasons I had the 01 zx6r. Only true upgrade i did was on the brakes and put heavier weight oil in the forks to compensate for the fading spring power.

I replaced it with the 06. It's a shorter reach to the handlebars but not too much (aka not short enough for my female body). No matter which year zx i've sat on, they don't get much shorter in reach to the bars. Only a 2011+ gixxer gives me that ultra short feeling.

Besides that, the bike handles better but with that is also in dire need of a steering damper. I just don't crack on the throttle until i got one installed on mine to prevent the front from getting too light that could give me a serious speed wobble/tank slapper.

It corners better and the suspension (with 09-12 rear shock) is far better.

As in terms of fully faired light bike for touring. Nothing beats a sportbike in weight and handling. If you want it more comfy you gotta accept the weight gain.

Some things that make longer stretches more bearable for me is a gel pad insert (luimoto goldgel) or more expensive route would be a corbin seat or some other type of high end gel padded seat.

Second thing making things easier is a simple throttle rocker. I don't have to grip the handlebar anylonger and just need to rest my arm on the handlebar while flexing the wrist for throttle control. Not recommended when you actually do wanna ride spirited, could slip/roll on the throttle by accident.

I'm done doing long distance rides and rather have it sportier now. But i know plenty of guys who even crossed the country on their 600s.
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80k on my 07ZZR also since new, if you are looking for something with about equal comfort in a 600ss, you will not find it.

But that said, riding an 09 for 500 mile days of twisties was not any worse for me, even with the seating position being more "racer like"

What kind of issues with your current bike? And what kind of miles and past care/maintenance.
I had an 02 that I also ran to about 70k before finally selling it, not for any mechanical or cosmetic reason, just cuz I needed to think the heard at the time.
Well Ive got an 06zx6r that has 30,000+ miles on it and I LOVE it. Proper maint of a bike is just as important as a car. Take car of it and it will last a lifetime.
Wow, oldninjadude, that's a lot of mods!

Main thing about my bike is I hit a deer 5 years ago. No, I didn't crash. Several body panels were smashed and I replaced them with Chinese made bodywork for a lot less money than stock. I don't regret doing that, the stuff still looks good but is not totally holding up after 5 years.

I'm also getting hard shifting and I think the trans needs work.

And I'm looking to go with a different color next time too.

I've always taken great care of the bike and I think it can go a lot further than the 52K miles it has now, but with mixed feelings I've pretty much decided to get a newer bike. Though I'm still riding it almost daily. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind and it'll stay.


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