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Which Jacket????

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Hi all. Im looking to get a new jacket and im trying to sort through the options for possible candidates. I ride street and will eventually go track. I want a race cut as that fits my comfortable positions. I ride in LA so I need airflow. My philosophy is "protect for the race and walk away from the street crash" So here is where I am right now. Money is not a huge factor since I'm getting them from GER where the price difference is really negligible.


Superspeed C2
Avro C2
Racing D1

Warrior Pro

So here's what I need: If you've used these jackets, let me know what you think and how you like it or dont. If you could pick one which would it be and why. I've been looking at the jackets and combing reviews and doing research for a while and just wanted a consolidated break down to help me narrow which one to get. Thanks guys
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That's a great list to start off of, all good choices.

But, have you tried any of these on yet? They are all going to fit differently and I think you could automatically narrow it down by getting the proper fit first...
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The one that fits best on you. Probably one of the most uncomfortable ones.
Ive got Spidi track&touring. I cant fit anything but a t-shirt and back/chest protection under it, its hot, its tight as f***k, good ventilation and watersupply. it makes me feel like a sausage being pressed into its skin. i love it.
I have an alpinestars Tech1-r and love it. I believe the Atem replaced the tech1 with a couple tweaks and that would be my choice. The gp tech looks exactly like my jacket but I'm not sure where the extra $200 goes. I can tell you that the gp pro doesn't have near the ventilation as the others you've listed and doesn't seem to be the same quality as the others. It also lacks those patented ventilated shoulder sliders which you'll find on their top of the line leathers.
If you go alpinestars be sure to get one with the gp rated protection which all of those jackets have (not sure about the celer though). the gp rated armour is literally 10x better and more protective than the ce armour that comes in a jacket like the gp plus.
i have a older alpine stars exile jacket its a XL, and its really short in length. i wear a medium sized shirt and this jacket fits me perfectly. get what ever is the best price for your self and which ever fits you best and is most comfortable.
I am eyeing the gp tech. I've tried it on and it feels amazing. Seems to be the same fir as my race replica suit and I love that thing. Especially on hot days it flows a ton of air.
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