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What to do? Need some input

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Hello all! New guy to the forum here. Anyway, here's my 2003 zx6r I just picked up. I love it... Well almost all of it! I'm not a big fan of the plain silver look. I'm thinking she just needs some graphics thrown on her to satisfy me. I like some of the graphic kits from alloutgraphics.com but I'm not sure if the $80+ for one of the kits is worth it. Any suggestions? I'd like to see some of the 'looks' you guys have done to your bikes. Thanks for everyone's' input


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Welcome to the forum. I personally love the styling of the b1h and in fact my favourite colour for that year is the silver. I'd leave as is or at most go very, very subtle with graphics
Thanks for the welcomes! I also appreciate all the input you guys have. I thought I wanted my bike covered but after looking at all the pics other people posted I think I'm gonna stick with light graphics for the bike. A couple zx6r decals and a couple ninja decals.
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Hello and welcome!
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