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What Length Chain

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Hi All,

Very simple question...I'm switching up my gearing on my racebike to a 15/46 and need to know how many links I need in the chain. Off hand do you know how long the OEM chain is?


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you can go to motosport.com and check out their chains. it'll tell you what your stock length chain is when you punch in your information. but i am unsure what size you need for your gearing.
It might help if you tell us what year model your bike is.

You can use www.gearingcommander.com to play with all the variables and see exactly what you need.
between 114 - 116 links

I wanted to do -1/+3 gearing last year but I cut and my matched my length to what i originally had when i replaced my chain so im still running -1/+2 gearing which is 112 links
Thanks a lot Manolo! Unfortunately I was just over it and ordered a 120 link last night Haha I'll just have to trim it down when I get it. Yea - 1/+2 seems to be the most popular but I am having guys pull on me right out of the apex and I'm in the mid rpm range and would like to be a bit higher on the exit so while +3 isn't too drastic it might be a slight improvement
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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