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Velocity Stacks

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Can anyone shine some light on this subject. Are velocity stacks worth it? Anyone install these and what were their gains? have an 07 zx6r. I just ordered my header last week and going to be ordering my bazzaz z-fi this week. Im getting the bike tuned come spring time and will also be installing block off plates and adding a BMC filter. Im just curious if these velocity stacks are worth it because if they are ill install them when I got the tank propped up. Seems to me tho that they are gonna add power in the top end. I don't race my bike so if their only gonna take from the lower rpm and mid range and add to the top end I wont do it.
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Well I thought I saw these last night for the 07/08 by factory pro but now that im looking I don't see anything lol
I just did some research and concluded that instead of buying velocity stacks, buy 2 of the stock OEM short ones and make all of the stacks short.

Not sure about your bike but my stacks come with shorts ones on the outside (1 & 4), and the two inner stacks are long (2 & 3). So through my research. For about $20 bucks you can just buy two of the shorter ones from an OEM parts distributor and turn stacks 2 & 3 into shorties. Supposed to do the same thing as velocity stacks and save you a shit load of money. A guy on another forum reported a 4 mph difference on quarter mile. Supposed to move some horsepower to the top end and take some away from the low end but that's fine for 600s that are best are high RPM.
ok thanks. Also what is the mod where people say they delete their secondary flies? What are they and how do you do this mod and does it appky for the 07 zx6r.
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