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undertray on a J model??

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This is the one I'm looking at, and couldn't find an answer to my question, which is...

Do you have to remove the underseat storage compartment if you fit this??
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i did ....had to chop the fecking lot out .........
if you want to keep shite in the back you can allways get an old multimeter case and wedge the fecker in there to store ya crapp in ......:O
Have u got a photo of it??

I'm not keen to lose the storage to be honest.
sorry no pics as it was years ago when I done the conversion
since then its got a B arse on it
Just been out to sort my brake light out and had a quick look at the shape of the underneath, I'll leave it. Not that bothered if I have to start chopping bits up.
What are you trying to fit? An undertail?

Yes you do have to remove the undertray, But fear not my UK friend,
I did this to Joan back when she still had the J tail & gained space under the tail.
Thats right you read it. This actually freed up more space.

Now you might want to stuff a lil foam or rags in there to keep stuff from rattling around.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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