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UK track bodywork -2003 zx636 bh1

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Was wondering if I can get some useful advice..I'm looking for track bodywork for my 636. Anyone used 'skidmarx' or 'a16 road n race supplies'?..the difference in price is about £150..I know generally you get what you pay for these days but as we all know sometimes...we can find a bargain.

Or has anyone used anyone else that they could recommend?

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+1 on that scoobs happy with my purchase
Ok cool, just checked it out..they look good and reasonable price too...was much adjustment needed on your kit scoot33?..did your kit come with fasteners?..or did you purchase them separately?...and what was the delivery time like?..I know...so many questions!

scoobs sent me the link on them he rated them and good price too ,mine is a zx6r 01 and fit was good i didnt have to bend anything or elongate any holes ,i had to drill all my holes on my fearing and get my own bolts n washers etc,it wasn't to bad for delivery but in all fairness i ordered mine dead on xmas time ,but yeh scoobs aint wrong im impressed with the quality and i will purchase from them again
One track fairing and seat unit ordered!...very reasonable too!

Cheers for your comments
all sorted then
what area somerset you at
Just down in Bridgwater..your not that far away are you?
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