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Turn Signal problem, bulb good but not flashing. Front only.

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My indicator flashes quickly like the bulb is out. Took it out and it looked good. Hit the continuity with a multimeter and is closed. Back one blinks fast and is the stock ones using the yoshi fender eliminator. Other side functions normally. Any ideas? Should I just order the bulb and hope for the best? I completely do not understand the relay testing and my digital multimeter will not read fast enough to catch a good voltage reading. It does indicate something is going to it just not how much.

Is this a good point to go led?
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led you better hope they come with resistors already installed or you have quick flashing lights again.

sounds to me you might have something not quite connected since it's missing the right amount of power draw.

try and trace back to where the problem started. What changes did you make before you noticed the bad turn signal?
No changes at all. Got on to ride last week and it started on the way home. No giant pot holes, no nothing. Just easy cruising. Everything points to the bulb except the multimeter.
Bump, anyone?
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