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Track bike

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Hello from Houston, TX. I'm going back to a dedicated track bike and picked up a 2009 (with 2013 fairings) for track days. I used to race with the CMRA about, well, a long time ago with success of three sprint championships - one as an amateur and two as an expert. Once I retired from that I did a few years as a track day instructor. Kids became the priority and now that they're much older I'm wanting to get back in the saddle for a few reasons: one, cars are waaay more expensive to track and mine has a lot of hp, and second, I'm the original owner of a BMW HP4 and I really don't want to crash it. I have done track days with it and it's also a lot of work with that much power. So, the 600 seems more friendly, yet fast enough to have fun and I won't be heartbroken if it goes down.
As part of a semi bucket list, I want to ride tracks I've never been on so over the years I'll be visiting different places. Anyway, glad to be here and thanks in advance for the knowledge base from the forum users.
Yes, that's a BMW C650GT scooter in the background - probably the best two-up bike I've owned.

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