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early this spring i bought an 05 636 and got completly screwed. i rode the bike 30 min....well not that long, about 9 miles and it started smoking like i was buring leaves......

so,.....ive been rebuilding this bike for a couple months working around my work schedule. i found that it has a 600rr motor on it and also i found lots of piting in #2 or 3...cant remember and two cylinders rings were completely ...well, nearly not even there anymore....the bike was suppose to have 8k miles...but carfax had no info whatsoever...so....

anyway on to my question. if i solve this i can ride this weekend...hopefully.

Im done re-shimming valve springs and upon turning the motor i realized that air blows back through the intake ports in every cylinder when it comes to the end of the intake stroke. the cam does not appear to have valves open when this happens, but it happens on every cylinder.

also, i didnt have to do anything to the head except for replace 3 spring retainers....other than that when i rode it the bike pulled really well in spite of gobs of smoke so i hesitate to think that something is wrong with every single valve. i do not have a compression tester. i have not replaced the timing chain...though i wish i could.

anyway, i dont want to put the valve cover back on and rebuild the bike if this is infact something very bad that im overlooking. if you have any info or a valid oppinion as to what is going on please please get back with me asap. ive searched this place to high heaven and i dont see anything relative..

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