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Top triple question , 636 vs non-636 fitment

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Hello people , i spent a lot of time searching the web with no clear answers to my question ..

Id like to know if the top triple clamp of a 2005 636 can be replaced by any other model's top triple and if yes id like to know what models and years.

Im installing Renthal style handlebars and im trying to find a flatter clamp to be able to mount the handlebar clamps and also a more available and less expensive clamp on ebay. This is for a special project on wich i have a full 636 front end installed already.

Thanks for your help!
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I doubt the new 636s would work with the new Big Piston Forks. Not exactly sure but I would think with different diameter forks would make them incompatible.
^ and spacing and offset and and and...

05/06 may be your only choices sans getting a new lower as well
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So the 636 version of the ZX6R is really distinct from the non-636 ?
what about the zx6r 04 b1h ?or is that not flat enough
I had a friend who put an 07-08 top triple clamp on his 05, so I know that fits, but the forks stick out of the top further than they would on the 05-06 part. I can say for certain that and part from an 09 up will not work, but unsure about 04 and down.
So the 636 version of the ZX6R is really distinct from the non-636 ?
It's not about 636 vs other. It's about year ranges...98-02, 03/04, 05/06, 07/08, 09-12, 13/14 (maybe 15 as well...not sure on that one)...get the idea?

Also, not sure it will help you on this, but for this sort of question, this thread can be really helpful: Parts Compatibility List
i know the 04 top will fit the 06 bottom yoke ,as i have that setup on my zx6 j2
im also wondering if the stem is the same for a 636 or non-636 bike same year because on AllBallsBearing 's website i cant find any listings for 636 models but according to NitrusReigns it seems like they might be the same .
The 07/08 is proly your best bet.
so if you say is correct , this is the same specs from 04 to 08
The 04-05 zx10r top clamp will also fit and is flatter so without moving your forks they will stick higher out of the clamp.. -Steven
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