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Tire size change

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Hello all,

So I bought some new tires this morning before I hopped on a plane to leave for work. My original tire size was 120/65-17 and the tires I wanted didn't have that size. So I went with the closest option, which was 120/70-17. What kind of difference in tire feel and behavior am I going to experience with this?
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You'll find it a bit harder to turn as you've raised the front 6mm it's not to bad though and you can drop the forks through the triple tree to compensate if it bothers you
That "6mm" number is deceiving because every manufacturer has different profiles and sidewall heights...... so the difference you will really feel

awesomeness- you have brand new fresh tires from worn out junk tires.......
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I'm very curious to see just how much of a difference I really feel. I can't imagine it would be too drastic.

Yes I'm excited for fresh tires! I took my bike to the canyon with the old tires yesterday. That was...fun/scary. Something I won't do again lol.
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