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tire pressure

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Hey. Just wanted to see what some of you guys run for tire pressure. I have bridgestone hypersport bt-016 front and back. I don't see any track days, I do lots of aggressive street riding and lots of twisties.
Manual says 42 psi rear, and 36 psi front. Seems a little High.
Need some advice, thanks.
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Each person will have their own preference whether to run the pressures in the manual or adjust them a little. Personally I always use 33/34F and 36R on the road.
Tire presure is really up to the rider just play around with the psi till you find wat u like.
I run 37 in the rear and 34 in the front of my pp2's
I usually run them flat for superior grip.
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Om my q3 36f 36r for commute half is mellow Twistys. On canyon runs 32f 32r.
Start at 30/30 or 32/32 if you're really riding "aggressive". Then work from there. I usually run 30/32 but I'm not riding very aggressive either. Like others have said, it's personal preference. I can tell you the 36/42 combo is STUPID high for cold tire pressures.
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For the past few rides I just ran 36 front and 42 rear. I did not like it. Too hard a ride. Lowered them to what I am used to and feel confident with. 30 front and 30 rear. Cold. On Pirelli Super Corsa's.
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