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When I recently had a similar problem (looking for new bike) I chose to get a 600 class dual sport (klr650). I did this because:
Great gas millage (~50 mpg even when I'm spanking her)
Great gas range (~300 miles)
Built like a tank (good cause I'm rough on things)
Faster than most cars to 60 (that's where all the real fun is on the road any way, much faster than that leads to law enforcement conversations)
Handles well
Really cheap to run (insurance/gas/maint/etc)
Wayyyyyyyyyy more comfortable than a sport bike
Riding a slow bike fast > riding a fast bike slow :bigthumb:
Oh, and it will go ANYWHERE...

For example I may or may not have left a 20 foot rubber line exiting my neighborhood the other morning... also may or may not have that on gopro... May or may not be really proud of that line...

I do still have my zx, although it hasn't been ridden in a while (she's having surgery she's getting a face lift and getting her track outfit on)

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