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Time to pick new bike

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So things have changed a lot this year I sold my 08 cbr 1000 due to needing money for my new house ;) now on ready to buy a bike but I think I'm good bf to finance one. Looking to spend no more then 8-9k.


13 636 with abs around 8-9k
09-12 zx6r prob 6-7k
10 s1000rr 10k
11 Ducati steetfighter 848 10k

Bike will be used for fun and commuting to work once in a while but mainly just a toy. I know I'm very undecided and at the end of the day it's a personal choice just Wana hear what your guys expericnes were. Thanks also sat on a 10 r1 felt heavy to me
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Well personally, it would either be the 636 or s1000rr. I've only every owned my 08 Zx6R and love it and i've riden my dads s1000rr and it was a beast, you can definetly get into some trouble with that and i've wanted a 636 for a long time. But thats just me. :thumbup

Good luck on your up coming purchase.
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I actually have been leaning towards the 13 636. For me 1000 was really a great cruiser but never got to open it up as by time I did I would be in triple digits lol . But the 1000s are really comfy .
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Stick with a 600 (okay fine....maybe 636) IMO

Go for whichever is cheaper from 09-13, in my opinion I would pay up to $1k more for a 13' to get that 636 engine. Any greater of a price gap stick with the 09-12 :)
I think kawi going back to 636 is causing the 09-12 to depreciate faster because they are seen as "inferior" to the 636. Some might say that's a great time to buy an 09 and I'd agree partly. However, I'd buy the 13 because I don't think the 636 will be around long. And you will soon find yourself owning a fairly high sought after machine when you go to sell.

It's like right now most people would buy an 05 636 over an 08zx, assuming same condition. Of course if you get a steal on an 09-12 grab it.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

Oh and don't finance a bike if you don't have to. You will have assloads of fun on a used bike and no payment. I found my SV for a grand and I have plenty if fun. Remember it's a toy.
But I have the budget to finacing it . 13 636 would be 120 a month and 60 full coverage . So to me thats acceptable plus by oct it will be paid off lol .

The 13 636 is nice found one local at dealer 5k miles with abs for 9k seems high as the 15s are only 11.
I think the Streetfighter could be a really good option, especially as you want to commute and have fun with it.
You've got some winners in that list. Ducati Streetfighter would be VERY fun as a commute bike, but tough to get parts.
Ya it's expensive to upkeep as well but its so Sexy. The only 636 I've found is green so far not to fond of it . Like the black ;)
I like the new 636, but I am not a fan of electronics. The only tc I need is my wrist and I've only rode one bike with abs and I hated it just my opinion. I know 09-12 has the electrical issues, but easy fixes.
Hmm 09 is around 6-7k 13 8-9500ish
Brand new left over 13 636 black no abs 8500 otd
Used 13 636 5k miles abs 9200 otd
$700 is a cheap insurance from a shit mistake that is easy to make and can cost you everything. I would go for the abs version. Every time.
The abs only kicks in if you lock up your wheel, if you hate the bike because the abs kicks in, it may just have saved you.
Brand new left over 13 636 black no abs 8500 otd
Used 13 636 5k miles abs 9200 otd
Me personally.....NEW one for 8500 OTD....
Even if in your example both were new for those OTD prices I would get no ABS (to me...I would only go $500 more for ABS, others probably would go up to $1k more for ABS) but in your case new (Cheaper) vs used (more money...albeit with ABS)...don't see the question :O
When I recently had a similar problem (looking for new bike) I chose to get a 600 class dual sport (klr650). I did this because:
Great gas millage (~50 mpg even when I'm spanking her)
Great gas range (~300 miles)
Built like a tank (good cause I'm rough on things)
Faster than most cars to 60 (that's where all the real fun is on the road any way, much faster than that leads to law enforcement conversations)
Handles well
Really cheap to run (insurance/gas/maint/etc)
Wayyyyyyyyyy more comfortable than a sport bike
Riding a slow bike fast > riding a fast bike slow :bigthumb:
Oh, and it will go ANYWHERE...

For example I may or may not have left a 20 foot rubber line exiting my neighborhood the other morning... also may or may not have that on gopro... May or may not be really proud of that line...

I do still have my zx, although it hasn't been ridden in a while (she's having surgery she's getting a face lift and getting her track outfit on)

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My extremely cared for 09 is up for sale :D:
I also have a very well cared for 2011 up for sale. 13,500 miles and everything's oringinal besides the exhaust and fender eliminator. Has a brand new rear tire and K&N air filter was new last fall. Oil has 600 miles on it. I'm asking $5,800.


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Haha none of you are close to me and 2k more gets me a 13 ;)
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