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Throttle slightly loose, not on twist , slides left to right.. Any ideas?

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New to the site here and was just wondering if anyone has encountered this . My throttle seems to slide left to right just a tad . Is nice and tight on twist and this far isn't affecting my throttle in any way but was wondering if anyone had any ideas if it will get worse and if there is any to fix? Thanks in advance .
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Should be normal if it's only a little. The throttle cannot be snug in the housing or against the bar ends or else it would be more prone to getting stuck, so they are designed to have a little play in them.
both my 6r and my 650r behaved exactly as you described. Barely the slightest play from left to right on the handlebar. Enough to feel it move but <=1mm (ish)
Awesome . I assumed was normal but just waned to make certain . I appreciate the input guys. Thank u
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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