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I seen this once before and thought I’d try it….
and got immediate results.

Have you ever wanted “full throttle” with less twist?
I know there is stuff out there, but, I’m cheap!
Here we go.


What you need:

Cut a thick zip-tie about 3 inches long.

I smoothed down both ends on the “ribbed” side.

Take apart your throttle housing and unhook your cables.

Super glue an end of the zip-tie to your throttle tube where the cables ride.
Then do the same for the other end.
(I scuffed up the smooth side a bit for better adhesion)

Replace your throttle cable ends back into their places.

Close up the throttle housing making sure there is no binding of anything.


(While you are there, go ahead and lube your cables)

When I took my bike out to test this…WOW!
Like I said, the response is immediate!

Have Fun.

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