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The new guy

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Hello all! The names Javier!

I purchased my 05-636 in august of 2014 so I am new to the bike scene!

I live in SoCal and moved here recently all the way from Oregon lol

Uhhhh... I am down with whatever knowledge you guys can throw at me!

So with that said heres a few pics of the bike!

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Motorcycle fairing

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive exterior Auto part

The last pic is the bike torn down because I was inspecting to see if their was any damage after my girlfriends sister backed into the bike with her car and tipped it over.... :headbang:

My tail faring is ruined and my left mirror is gone lol but the bike is okay, no mechanical issues.

Any how, I look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone! thanks!
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Welcome, you got yourself an awesome bike. What part of socal are you from?
Sorry I saw a similar comment somewhere else and thought I replyed to a different one haha

But yeah santa clarita.

And its good, the bike still runs great and starts everytime.
Thanks Volumeheavy lol I wish the fairings were still intact haha
Alright y'all. I've been debating whether or not to do the valve adjustment on my bike for awhile? Problem is I don't want to mess anything up because it's my only means to travel to work. So I'm a little scared to do so, as I've read a few posts on here as to how critical it is to get the clearances right. Would anyone recommend doing it yourself? I have the stand and the tools. Of not does anyone have suggested mechanic shops that will do a good job for a decent price? I'm around the SFV in cali in Santa clarita. Thanks everyone!
Welcome to the forums :)
Welcome to the forum, man! Sorry to hear about the bike getting knocked over...that's the kind of shit we deal with as bikers sometimes :O

Stay safe out there man :cheers
Thanks for the welcome guys! :cheers: Yeah sucks about the fairings but I'll live lol pucksdown sell me those fairings hahaha yeah I really love the color too.
So called a shop around my area and asked about a valve adjustment job and they said it would be around the 600 dollar range for parts and labor. Seems high from what I've seen others get theirs done for? Anyone know of any shops around the socal area that are good and don't charge an arm and a leg?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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