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ZX6R F1 front forks. Same as ZX9R front forks and ZX750 K1 and a pile of others. They have the same compression valve adjuster at the lower end, part number "16126-1261" and as it turns out impossible to buy online .. mines is leaking.


The valve isn't the issue. New oring will sort that out no bother. The issue is that it cant be removed because of the flush retaining pin in the side of the fork, which itself can only (i assume) be removed by drilling it out and replacing it.

I drilled one out of an old set of forks i have, its a small stepped pin, with a recessed spring and ball bearing. No drawing that i can find online will show the existence of that pin, no part numbers, no illustrations of it.. nothing. Now i know i can get another set of forks, have them powder coated to match my old ones and go down that route.. but i dont like to be beaten. And ideally i would like to use a replacement pin in my old forks. We're been though a lot me and those old forks.

Anyone any experience and/or knowledge on this?

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