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After putting in the SpeedoDRD yesterday I thought everything went smoothly.
I knew I was going to have to go under the tank, so it was nearly empty.
After putting everything back together I filled the tank up and took a spin on the freeway.
PERFECT! Everything was working as it should, though my ego was deflated as the speed was corrected & I was not going as fast as I once thought.

So this morning, I hop on the bike to go to work.....starts up fine, and as I get on I can smell something...push the bike back and there's a wet spot on the cement??? "Steam" can be seen from the headlights!
Time to shut her down.
At first thought it might be oil, but upon further inspection it's gas!

It is coming from the 'front' bracket.
I am just wondering if this is common & if there is something I need to know or buy. Seems like an easy fix, but before I go out buying things I don't need I though I would check with the experts here.

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