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Subcage/Solid Passenger Peg Question - x-post from Stunting

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Hi guys,

So I'm not much of a stunter by any means, I can hardly manage a 6 inch wheelie at the moment, but I tend to have terrible luck with parking lots and having my bike fall over at literally zero mph. I've got frame sliders, bar ends, and some swingarm spools, but I was interested in finding some solid passenger pegs or subcage setups just to add a little extra protection.

I found a stunt subcage from OnPoint Performance that look pretty sturdy and nice, but my primary concern is not with all-out protection, but having some solid passenger pegs that my girlfriend could ride pillion without any trouble with, and that won't scream "hey this guy is an idiot who can't keep the rubber side down". Do any of y'all have any suggestions for some nice looking, single-piece passenger pegs that will protect my tail fairing? My goal is to have the sliders set up such that if/when my bike ends up on its side again, none of the mechanical/aesthetic parts will even touch the ground, and the bike will be fully suspended by the sliders. I would actually prefer if each peg was its own piece, and not just a crossbar that would span across both sides, but I just want to find something easy and efficient.

I've got a 2007 ZX-6R, btw. This is the OnPoint product that I was looking at:

07-08 KAWASAKI ZX6R SUB CAGE - $225.00 : On-Point Performance, Motorcycle Stunt and Performance Parts
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Gosh, I wouldn't do that.

Frame sliders work! Are yours not working? They're especially good at protecting the frame and painted pieces during low speed events like that.

But it would be ridiculous to buy a stunt cage in order to compensate for a lack of ability. Plus, the way I understand it, it will limit the ability of the bike to turn.

Here's my advice... ask yourself, "Why am I Dropping My Bike at 0 MPH?"
My sliders work, but I just hate seeing scratches show up on my pegs or even worse, scratches on the tail fairing that don't really affect anything, but upset me to no end.

I'm not talking about a full stunt cage, by the way, but I've seen some guys riding around with non-foldable, solid passenger pegs, and that's the part I was referring to. It wouldn't rub the asphalt during turning, but in case the wind knocks my bike over at work again, it'd keep me from even worrying about the possibility of any damage. I bought the bike a few months ago, and as a new-ish rider, I'm just trying to protect my investment as much as possible. I'm not claiming to be an expert, veteran rider or anything like that, and I'm a human being so accidents do happen, but since I'm considering picking up a new set of fairings because some of mine are slightly cracked from purchase, I'm interested in anything that'd keep the new fairings safe. I just noticed that during the last windstorm that knocked my bike over, my solid, non-folding rearsets provided complete protection to my mid-fairings as the bike transitioned to lay on the sliders, and I was hoping to replicate that effect on the rear of my bike.
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Here you go, I am pretty sure this is what you're referring to.

side note: good to see anther fellow Houstonian on here.
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