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Here's some images and coments on stripping down some USD forks. Images and wording courtesy of Doug (A valuable TLZ member) More can be found here >> Clicky. I've only created a bit of a brief summary.

Remove the forks, unscrew the cap and the outer tube will slide down so you can use the fork spring compressor on it.

The spring compressor will fit in the holes drilled in the spacer

This is the manual spring compressor and the cap is ready to be unscrewed.

Here is the nut you need a 17 mm for the nut and a 30 mm for the cap

Loosen spring compressor and remove the spacer

Dump the oil and spring into the oil pan. Pump the cartridge several times to get the old oil out. Look for chunks and stuff, what you should see is sort of a fine silver particle stream or two in the oil. Not any chunks.

If you are changing seals, continue on. Slide the dust seal down the fork leg.

Pop the retaining clip loose

Using the fork leg as a slide hammer "smack" the forks apart

Left to right, oil seal, washer, upper tube bushing, lower tube bushing. Remove all the old stuff if you are changing seals.

Put a baggie or tape or something over the knife edge of the bushing. and slide the dust seal, then oil seal on. It can be tough, be gentle and do not tear your seals.

Here is all the stuff ready to go back in, left to right, dust cover, clip, oil seal flat side down, washer, outer tube bushing and inner tube bushing

This is a Race Tech seal driver 41mm it goes around the fork. You grip it good. And drive the thing in, then install the clip and ensure it is seated in the groove, you might have to tap the seal some more. Then slide the dust cover down.

This is important - the 10mm is for TL forks, check the manual for the correct distance on your set.

Before you install the cap, install the spring and spacer. Then set the distance from the top of the damper rod to the top of the nut at 10 mm. This ensures the rebound rods are at the same height and then the adjustments should be the same on both legs.
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