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Hey fellow ZX-6R riders.

I recently installed the Quad-Lock mounting on my bike but you all know where the problem lies. The original steering damper collides with the Quad-Lock mounting and I want to install some raisers to the steering damper.

Unfortunatelly I cant find any raisers no matter where I search.

Do you have any ideas how to raise the damper, or where to find raisers or any usefull idea. Thank you in advance for your answers. Greetings from Switzerland.

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How much more clearance do you need? The least troublesome approach may be to put spacers under the 3 points the damper assembly connects to the bike and use longer bolts in place of the OEM.

If the distance were a few mm, I would use washers to 'raise' the assembly. If it is approaching a cm I would not want that large of a stack of washers and would want something solid. Somewhere in that range, the OEM bolts will not have enough length to the threads in the frame so the longer bolts would be required.

The other and most practical approach is take the damper off, and see if you can tell the difference. Unless you have had it re-valved, it is eye candy rather than functional. ('09 rider, 70,000+ miles)
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