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starter not turning

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ok. low-sided on 1/17. Minor plastics damage. Removed all the plastics and otherwise stripped her down to the throttle body on 2/25. I had started her up once or twice in between those dates, just because I was nervous there was something wrong I wasn't seeing and just wanted to hear her run to comfort my worries. All was well.

Put on block off plates and jumped the remaining connector with a small resistor per instructions on another post here on 2/26.

Got most of the plastics in a couple days ago and started putting her back together. No drama. Toss the battery back on there, turn the ignition on and the battery seems real strong. I pop her in neutral and try to give her a start. I can hear the servo do its thing. I hear what I am pretty sure is the sub-throttle, but I hear nothing from the starter. I don't get any codes, but if I hold the starter button down for about 6 seconds or so, ktrc and engine light come on, and my power and ktrc setting indicators all come on and start flashing on my display.

I get no codes. I tried jumping the battery from my truck with no luck, although I didn't let it sit long, and the way the bike comes on when I turn the key, it seems real strong. I took the bike back down to the throttle body to make sure I wasn't missing some connector, but all seems good. I can't figure out what I'm missing....
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I always recommend starting with the battery with all electrical issues. Buy a new one. If it doesn't work, return it or save it for when you need to replace it. You could also just get a battery tender and try recharging your current battery. Batteries are so weird. They do things that don't make sense and almost defy logic.

Also try bump starting it. Had a weird issue with my triumph that it wouldn't turn over, even with a fresh battery. We tried a bump start, it didn't start, but then all the sudden the starter worked and the bike started. I think I also tapped the starter a few times with a screwdriver.

Check the kickstand sensor and the tip over sensor. Make sure they are both not loose and in the proper position. My bike, same year, had the kickstand sensor only slightly off of position and caused me startup troubles.

Tear the bike down all the way to the block off plates and reconnect everything. Make sure you plugged whatever needs to be plugged in the air box with the block off plate mod.

Just throwing ideas out there.
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thanks.. I think I'm gonna toss a tender on it and see if that helps. It's not the kick stand sensor, and according to what I should be seeing if it's the tip over sensor, it's not that either. I've already torn down the bike to the block off plates and checked my connectors/wiring, but never hurts to re-check. considering it went two months without being ridden, I'm thinking it might be the battery, even though it looks good.
Jump the starter directly to the battery. See what happens.
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Check your kick stand sensor and clutch lever sensor. The bike won't turn over if they aren't all functioning properly.
yup.. they're functioning properly.

looks like it was a bad connection at the relay. I had never removed that little black cover (stupid me for not checking) and figured it was good to go because I never messed with it. I looked there today to verify I didn't blow a fuse somehow and bam... screw holding starter lead and worked its way loose and the connection was barely made.

testing it now, will update.

Thanks for the help btw.. always helps to talk about these things sometimes to get you thinking.
yup.... total facepalm. She's running like a champ.

The honey badger lives.
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