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squid saying hello

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hello guys, first great forum learned a lot to get my 1998 zx6r going (green) :) SEK Kansas. 8 years in the dirt. 2 in college years on roommate's 500. saying hello, got my bike going reading lots of threads. waiting for warm weather.:O
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Sup man. Welcome to the forums!

Wheres the pics?
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sorry been away, any advise welcome. Bike was sitting for years so far i have changes plugs, wires, fixed a broken gear shift and shifter bracket. cleaned carbs, was really worried until i read here and gained a ton of confidence. and worried looks from wife wife. but it running i was loosing power mid rev and dying. coolant oil. :coocoo was worried oil light cam on, more freaking out and research i did not burp it now she is running. took her out first time this week. a bit rought added sea foam to full tank after draining all lines and been running it through. and more advice appreciated.
Looks like you've already done a lot of work on her but have you sync'd your carbs? Could be the reason why she's running rough and has some power loss in the mids.
Sweet bike man! I too started in the dirt and just recently got back in. Welcome to the forums, this is a great place to learn, that's for sure.
no i have not it still is a little rough. i have the service manual, i will look into that any advice on that. usually a job that can be done bye a newbie?
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