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Hey guys, recently my 2001 J series has been acting funny.

I'll describe this as best as I can.

Lately its been acting like its running out of fuel randomly. It can happen when I start up the bike, it can happen about 30 minutes riding. Normally it'll just hesitate, sometimes it'll starve of fuel and I can open the throttle and all I'll hear is either bogging (like if its getting too much air) or nothing at all and the rpms will just drop until the engine is no longer spinning. (Switching from res/on does nothing and I've verified fuel in the engine and nothing seems to be clogging the petcock openings.)

In the cases where the engine runs out of fuel, I'll begin by trying to restart the motor. Usually it'll cut on right away and idle fine. And more and more lately it'll start up but idle real rough and if I try to give it throttle, it bogs and dies.

In the cases it starts up fine, after a little while it'll start cutting off again.
Luckily yesterday I rode back from kendall to homestead (20 miles) without any issues.

So now my question is could the fuel pump be going bad?
Would the fuel pump relay cause a intermittent problem such as this?
What about the fuel filter?

I'm currently in the process of crossing these out to figure out whats going on. I want to verify my fuel is the problem before I move towards the ignition side of the board.

So far I've pulled the relay and reading through the manual Kawasaki mentions a internal resistance test with their special ohm reader.
They mention on the relay that with;
Pin 2+ and Pin 3- I should be reading between 10 ~ 100
Pin 2+ and Pin 4- I should be reading between 20 ~ 200
Pin 3+ and Pin 4- I should be reading between 1 ~ 5
With the reader set to 1 KΩ.

My results with MY voltmeter set to 2000Ω (thats what my reader says on the face) is that Pin 3- and Pin4+ I will get 600Ω .

Mind you I had to reverse the leads to get that and I get no reading with anything else.

Is there another way to test this relay properly? I feel this isn't sufficient to determine it and I'm not super electric savvy.

I think I have some fuel delivery issues, any insight would be appreciated.
All the wires look intact and I'm in the process of getting the pump and filter out right now.

EDIT: Just to mention, none of the gas lines or vacuum lines look kinked and opening the gas cap doesn't help at all.

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Hi everyone.

Although I didn't really get much help here, I still wanted to share my results with everyone in hopes that it may help someone else in my position.

I was able to goto my automotive class and made a little lightbulb circuit which I tested the relay.
It turned out fine after many attempts of trying all the pins out.

I immediately pointed out the fuel pump as I took the filter out and wasnt clogged, emptied the carb bowls and spun out a little gas from the gas tank into a bottle.

Didn't see any water after letting it attempt to seperate for a while.
I didn't test the fuel pump but I read this online

In My (Humble) Opinion: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Aftermarket Fuel Pump

So I figured, shit why not.

Bought the FACET Pump (Part# 610-1052) for about $57 at NAPA.
Cut off the old switch, saved it and wired this one in with some proper tube crimps.
Installed a clear fuel filter 8) and ghetto rigged its mounting location back in the same spot.

Bikes running again and not randomly stalling out so far.
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