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sproket nuts stripped b4 torque spec

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anyone had any problems with this?

3 of the nuts chewed up and kept spinning before i reached the manuals torque spec.

the only thing i can think of is if the previous owner went to town on them.

had to use the dremel to get the last one off. the double threaded lugs had a bad thread at the bottom too .

not a mistake in the manual is it [email protected]

cheers - Tony
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Have you had your torque wrench calibrated recently? Are you sure you had it set to the proper setting?
yeah i checked it,

was just reading how if they have been on and off a few times they can chew out and dont necessarily have to be that tight... hmm :/
Mine have been off many times and I've never had one strip.
Never had an issue with any countershaft nut before. Here is what I would say though, if you have done it to three in a row there is something wrong. Either your over torqueing them, or your not installing the sprocket and nut correctly, or the threads on the shaft are damaged. But you should not try it again until you figure out what your doing wrong.

By saying you checked it, meaning your torque wrench, did you have it checked or how did you check it. Because it takes special calibration tools to check that a torque wrench is working correctly.
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Have you used any lubricant on the threads? WD40 or rust penetrant or oil? That would cause nuts to overtorque.
How big of a tq wrench are you using, 1/2" 3/8"? what's the range on it and what do you set it to?
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Think you nailed it ZXROM, i cleaned the threads with wd40 and didnt clean off any residue.

live and learn $70 bucks later.

whats the best stuff to use? i bought some mild thread lock.

any recommendations on what to put on the carrier side of the new lugs? anti sieze?

cheers guys :)

Natbrown: counterweight - Also the threads were slightly damaged, possibly from previous owner. shift that blame.. lol
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