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Spring lovin' on my 96' zix

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Hey all haven't posted much lately. Been busy with school and stuff. Just thought I'd represent the older ninjas by going over what i'm investing in, and maybe get some ideas on what to do to my baby.

I was crazy for buying her, knowing how much she'd been through, at 45k and accidents, but has only left me on the side of the road once in the six months of ownership (though a few times in the garage).

Right now she has some problems, but still getting me to school and back. Exhaust leak, stalls when going from high rpm to extended clutch engagement (basically stopping at lights), no horn, clanky chain, stiff suspension. But damn if her front doesn't still go up with a bit of WOT.

So I'm putting my tax refund to work this Tuesday:

1. New chain and sprocket (-1/+2)
2. New brake pads and rotor
3. Dunlop Q3 set with new rear axel
4. Oil change (fork, too)

And hopefully can diagnose whats up with my horn and stalling out. Can't afford new exhaust now, or valve adjustments. Recently did new fluids and carb clean.

She desperately needs new bodywork, as previous owner had her on her sides more than upright. But IMO, just gives her personality. Much better than looks, IMO.

Will put up some pics, and hopefully some vids of spirited twistys and maybe a track day, once she is safe to lean over again at high speeds. Got some new leathers for Christmas that have been needing some use.

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