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Spinning throttle block - ideas?

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Hey guys,

does anyone have any tricks to fix a spinning throttle block?

the locator dowel is sheared. (the plastic dick bit)
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You talking about the pin inside the throttle housing on the end of the handle bar? You can either drill a hole and glue a part of a bolt into it to provide the location. Or, you can put a sheet metal screw thru it to locate it. Or, you could buy a new one and replace it.
Keep checking ebay. Should be able to find a cheap used one.
Had the same problem. Just wrap the clip on in a few turns of electrical tape and tighten the housing on to the tape. Be careful you position the tape so the throttle tube has no chance of getting stuck on it though.
Might do the tape trick for and order a new one! Cheers :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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