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Speedometer Issue - 2006 ZX6R 636

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Hello all!

My speedometer has been acting a little funky lately, just wondering if anyone has experience this before and has some tips for me.

Basically what happens, is when I ride the speedometer zeroes out. The RPM's still function properly, just something with the actual speed. Now I have taken the bike apart and cleaned off the sensor that controls this, and that seemed to work for a little bit; however the issue has once again showed its ugly face :hmmm:

I ride a 2006 ZX6R 636 with roughly 20k miles.
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common on the 03-06 speedo. Ski
Really? Never heard of this....:O
...I've also never heard of it :O
Typical symptom of a failing regulator/rectifier is the gauge cluster acting odd. Might want to pop it out and do a quick resistance check.
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