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Some play laps at Circuit of the Americas

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A fellow instructor and I turning some laps at CotA last weekend. I'm on the blue 09 zx6 and white helmet. He's on a r6. Last session of the day and most everyone had already packed up and none of our students wanted instruction...so it was play time! Had to take it a little easy...didn't want to throw the bike down since I'll be racing this coming weekend (fingers crossed the weather allows that to happen)

Enjoy! This was shot with his front and rear cameras and switches to my front camera as well

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$485 and people are packing up early? Crazy. I pay ~$130 and I try to get every minute I can.

Anyway, that was a very cool way to do the video with switching cameras and such. Too bad yours was dark and sound was off but still cool. It also looks like fast bikes going slow in corners happens everywhere. Track looks pristine.

In other news, this was a bad two weeks. I am on a few forums so I have been hearing of people on 650's, ZX6R's and those of Trackaddix talking of going to COTA. I wasn't thinking that this week I would be watching them have fun too. Better than nothing I guess.
What is your instructors name?

EDIT: never mind. Watched the video. Haha
Nice.. Also props to moto GP game for Getting the track right
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